about us

Sumadhura Foundation is a value-based, goal and action oriented socially driven organization with its sole focus on bringing purpose and equality for everyone. We come from humble beginnings and understand the value of opportunity which we know can transform lives. We are life-long learners who value skills, education and are motivated to bring such opportunities for the underprivileged. We believe that in our country, if good health and education for the underprivileged are provided and then creating opportunities can transform the landscape of India. Most people are able to help themselves, when they have good health, education and safe environment. We also believe that the previous generations have enjoyed a closer bond with nature and have had lesser opportunities but perhaps healthier food, air and clean water. We believe that while developing all along we need to carefully use nature’s resources and preserve and protect nature for our children and future generations. We also believe that urban cultures need to inculcate respect for resources and also maintain the social infrastructure and collectively work on keeping our cities clean and beautiful. 

With this pursuit, we started our journey working on education, health and environment. Although these are early days in our journey, however, we have supported five educational institutions in and around Whitefield in Bangalore, where renovations, repairs and reconstructions of infrastructure was taken up. We have installed a ‘Waste to Energy’ plant that processes waste from fifteen of Sumadhura communities to produce electricity demonstrating how waste should not be sent to landfills. Sumadhura has conducted health camps and blood donation camps. We have also been contributing to disaster mitigation funds in times of emergency that we think is essential for any organization to bring normalcy to the disrupted lives. 

Sumadhura Foundation is a Public Charitable Trust registered in Hyderabad in 2018. ‘Joy of Sharing’ is our inspiring mascot which is the motivation behind all the Foundation work.


“To contribute to society in a way where opportunities are available for everyone now and for our future generations.”



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Sumadhura Infracon Pvt Ltd., was awarded with the 2019 –  ET NOW Realty Award for best CSR initiative by a realtor. 

The CSR initiative for which we received the award was the waste to energy project which shows exceptional commitment towards managing urban waste in a manner that inspires collective action for environmental problems.

Mr.Bharat, Mr.Giridhar & Ms.Jeevana from the Sumadhura Management team were present at the award ceremony to receive the award.