Health And Sanitation

Blood donation camps

Access to primary healthcare is a key fundamental right but a large portion of our population are deprived of this basic right. The difficulty in accessing basic healthcare facilities and no access to qualified and experienced healthcare professionals often leads to complications and prolonged illnesses among the underprivileged sections of the society.

Sumadhura Foundation, would like to provide access to health facilities for children, women and senior citizens of the underprivileged sections of the community living in the close vicinity of our projects. The specific area of work includes providing timely vaccinations to young children, general check-up and health awareness programs for women and elderly citizens by organising health camps, awareness camps etc.

One of the core aspects of health is living in a healthy environment. Garbage pile up within residential communities are breeding grounds for many vectors. Clean and hygienic living surroundings are the basic need for all citizens to lead a healthy and happy life. Sumadhura Foundation carries out cleanliness drives to instill a spirit of belonging in the nearby communities. We are keen to see all our communities involved in maintaining the public infrastructure through participation, awareness (soft change) and infrastructure upgrade (hard change) wherever needed. For this work, we are keen on collaborating with like minded partners to bring about a perpetual change.