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Sumadhura office & Project sites

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Sumadhura office & Project sites.


To ban plastic water bottle usage in Sumadhura offices and project sites

Project Details:

Prior to 2018, Sumadhura Infracon used plastic water bottles in their offices and project sites for employees and visitors. With the ban on single use plastic across the country, we decided to make a change in the plastic water bottle usage in our offices too. And has since banned the use of plastic and switched to glass bottles that are washed and reused.

Intended Impact:

Environmental impact – plastic ban, Swachh Bharat initiative.
Create awareness on use and throw of plastic. 


To give a glimpse of what we achieved by implementing plastic water bottle ban.

Our spending on plastic bottles: 

Annual expenditure on water bottles (bisleri):  Rs.10,36,800, with monthly consumption of   average number 14,400 bottles (250ml).

Annually, the number of plastic bottles (Bisleri) used : 172,800; which after use may get recycled or ends up in landfill.

With the plastic ban in place, we are now using about 2000 number of glass bottles annually.

The total annual expenditure on drinking water use has come down to Rs.92,000, and we are rest assured that we did not contribute any plastic to the landfill.

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