Waste to Energy Plant

Sumadhura Eden garden, Bangalore.

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adjacent to Sumadhura Eden garden, Bangalore.

Project Details:

As part of the Swachh Bharat Initiative and an innovative way to eliminate waste completely, Sumadhura Foundation has invested in a Waste to Energy plant in Whitefield suburb of Bangalore. It is a clean and low-cost technology that transforms organic waste to renewable energy. In addition to getting rid of the local solid waste, and generating electricity, this helps save carbon emissions too.
Sumadhura has a large number of projects in Whitefield and wanted to close the loop of waste getting generated from all the properties. About three tons of wet waste is generated per day from the Sumadhura Community in Whitefield. With the set up of this plant, we generate about 420 units of electricity every day or about 1,50,000 units every year. 
We save about 1100 tonnes of wet waste from going into the landfills. This is one of the first projects by any real estate developer and is aimed at creating awareness to the inhabitants of these communities.

Intended Impact:

Environmental impact – Swachh Bharat initiative.
Create awareness among the residents. 


Waste to energy plant, generating 420 units of electricity every day. As a by-product from the plant, good quality liquid manure or compost (300 kg per day) is obtained. This waste to energy plant helps us in annual GHG emission mitigation of more than 1120 tons of CO2eq/year.

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