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Cheshire Homes, outer circle, Whitefield, Bangalore – 560 066


A collection drive for items required by the old age home and experience joy of sharing by spending time with residents of an old age home and distribute food and other items such as bed covers etc.,

Project Details:

About Cheshire Home – Cheshire Disability Trust (CDT) was formed in 2010 as an autonomous trust to exclusively focus on promoting livelihoods for Persons with Disabilities (PwD) in India, under the Cheshire Homes India National Council. CDT has its National Livelihood Resource Centre (NLRC) in Bangalore and there are seven other Livelihoods Resource Centers (LRCs) across India. These are implemented by Cheshire’s partner organizations in those individual locations, through which the activities of skilling and placing persons with Disability (PwD) towards wage and self-employment is done. The Cheshire home provides care for orthopedically impaired girls and women.
Based on the requirement of the old age home, Sumadhura volunteers organized a collection drive to collect items from among our em[loyees and the residents of our projects. The collected items were segregated and packaged to be distributed at the old age home.

Intended Impact:

Joy of sharing resources with less fortunate members of society.
Giving a lease of new life to all the collected materials which otherwise would have ended in landfill.


Distribution of items as required by the old age home and to spend time with inmates of the old age home.

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