Government Lower Primary School Chikkanekkundi


“School is better than Home” – This quotation is very much opted for by the Govt. Chikkanekkundi lower primary school, where the children’s thought process totally changed after the Sumadhura Group’s intervention in their school renovation & maintenance.

Project Details:

Sumadhura group has taken the initiative to renovate the Government school at Chikkanekkondi, this initiation was brought by Inner wheel club Whitefield, as per Sumadhura CSR policy one of the core areas is Education, Sumadhura has agreed to work on this school immediately and went beyond the committed budget without compromising in the quality of work and provided required facilities. Works taken up such as waterproofing, new toilet construction for boys and girls, flooring of classrooms, internal painting and external painting with beautiful concept-based pictures, renovation of the kitchen, installation of play equipment and new security gate, plantation in school premises, this made the children to think like School is better than home.
Also, the Sumadhura group extended help towards the maintenance of the school also for three years duration i.e., from March 2020 till April 2023, unfortunately, the school was shut down for two years because of covid-19 precautions.
Now as part of maintenance Sumadhura hired an English teacher and provided breakfast to children along with enhancing the mid-day meals and enriching the children with nutritious food. Having received a new set of white uniforms apart from the regular ones, children have shown great interest in wearing the same on Wednesdays.

Intended Impact:

At a community level, this can encourage more children to enrol at the school, improving their health & well-being, giving them access to high quality education and help to empower and enable the rural poor to come out of poverty.

In line with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) – 4, 6

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    March 2020 and continuing …
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    Chikkanekkundi Govt. lower primary school (GLPS Chikkanakkudi Madhuranagara 3rd stage Muttasandra Post Anekal Tq Bangalore South)

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