Year: 2020

Where: Government lower Primary school, Chikkenekkundi.


To support the health & wellbeing of the student community at the Government Lower Primary School, Chikkanekkundi, by providing nutritious breakfast at the school premises.

Project Details : Sumadhura Foundation conducted a baseline assessment to realise that most of the students in the Government lower primary school are from the underprivileged communities nearby and do not have the means to have a healthy breakfast. We are in the process of identifying an appropriate vendor to start the distribution of breakfast to the school students.

Intended Impact: The implementation of breakfast distribution at school will help increase the students attending school regularly. It also makes them understand the value of eating a healthy and balanced meal.

At a community level, this can encourage more children to enrol at the school, improving their health & well-being, giving them access to high quality education and help to empower and enable the rural poor to come out of poverty.

Update: Owing to the COVID scenario, classes in the school premises are suspended, this program will begin once the school activity gets back to the normal.